Tuesday, 4 February 2014



Wow I can't believe I'm actually writing this post today as I've given up on blogging for years. But today I went thru my rusty old Facebook account and I saw the link to my blog and guess what? Here I am writing on my old blog that I used to love when i was 18 years old. Now, 2014, I'm turning 23! Yeap! Time do flies. I deleted all of my post because i think there's no reason for me to keep it because it was about my past. Who I am today or more likely who I've become choose to let go of the past and move on. But I've never regretted any of my past because those are called memories, good or bad are all the same. Those memories, made me who I am today. Okay, i guess I should recap myself on who I am today. 

Name? Still the same of course. Haha 
Age? Twenty freaking three! (Not proud of it)
Relationship status? Not yet engaged or married but I have plans for sure. And yes, I have someone special :)
Studies status? Well I know I'm old but yeah I'm taking degree in broadcasting this year march! (Don't judge)
Occupation? Imma proud Hitzfm cruiser! (Itu been 3years now) 
Life status? Loving it to The Max! Why shouldnt i? I have an amazing boyfriend, loving family and wonderful supportive friends around me. I couldnt ask for more. Alhamdulillah, All praise is to Allah for The wonderful life i have now. 

Okay now before i end this, i would like to tell you guys That i finally had The guts to make a YouTube account and post what i love doing which is singing. Do check out my page, just search for "cholerico8" alright? If you like it, help me spread The love! Thanks guys! I will try my best to update more often here, insyaAllah. Take care now peeps! 

 Much love, Iffahhazim. Xx